Timing Summary

This timing summary incorporates elements from the RoboRally basic game as well as the Armed and DangerousTM, Crash and BurnTM, Grand PrixTM and RadioactiveTM expansions.

During each register phase, robots interact with board element in the following sequence

A. Reveal Program Cards

  • Players reveal their program cards.

B. Robots Move

  • During Robots Move, robots are moved in order according to card priority.
  • Robots are affected by pits and walls, and may be pushed by other robots.
  • Robots are affected by active trap door pits.
  • Any robot executing a movement card on a teleporter appears as many squares forward as is indicated by its movement card plus 2 squares.
  • Any robot executing a movement card in water has its first square of movement negated.
  • Any robot moving up a ramp counts the ramp as a square and moves back one square if it ends movement on the ramp.
  • Robots take 1 point of damage each time they enter an active flamer square. Robots that execute a rotate card on an active flamer square also take 1 point point of damage.
  • A robot attempting to end its movement on an oil slick continues to slide in the direction of its movement until it is stopped by a wall or another robot that is not on an oil slick, or until it is no longer on an oil slick.
  • A robot entering a portal immediately moves to the other portal of the same color unless the other portal is occupied by another robot.

C. Board Elements Move

  • Express conveyor belts move one square.
  • Express conveyor belts move their second square of movement.
  • Normal conveyor belts move their first and only square.
  • Currents move one square.
  • Pushers push one square if active this register phase.
  • Gears turn 90 degrees.
  • Crushers crush if active this register phase.

D. Resolve Laser Fire

  • Board-mounted and robot-mounted laser beams damage robots.
  • Radiation does one point of Radioactive waste does one point of damage.
  • Robots may be pushed by options like Tractor Beam or Big Gun.

E. Touch Checkpoints

  • Robots on checkpoints and repair sites have now touched them and damage during the fifth register phase.
  • Active flamers do one point of damage.
  • will withdraw future archive copies from those squares, but robots are not repaired at this time. Any checkpoints touched at this time count towards race victory.
  • Robots on chop shops may choose one of three chop shop abilities.
  • Robots on radioactive waste may draw an option card.

After the fifth register phase, end-of-turn board effects occur.

F. End-of-Turn Board Effects

  • Robots on checkpoints an repair sites are repaired.
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